The frenetic of Tel-U GAFE Account is not over yet it is just started. The nuts and bolts are getting exciting more and more.

Besides sending and accepting email, you could dive deeper to reach the utmost benefits of Tel-U GAFE Account including Google Drive, Classroom, and Sites. The first two will be our discussion right now.

Google Drive

Everybody knew Google Drive is one of the most leading cloud storage service out there leaving behind Dropbox sometimes intermittently. With GAFE, Google Drive gives you something more that generally other Google Account users can’t have. It is the Unlimited Cloud storage for your everyday needs. Now you don’t have to be worried anymore since there is no limitation for your documents to be uploaded to Google Drive storage.

Google Classroom

This is one of my favorite. I have tried it in 2 consecutive classes last year and it was so pleasing.

This tool is very handy if you integrate IT during your teaching inside and outside the class. Google Classroom is offering a solution to share materials, quizzes and sharing the homework digitally with the power of cloud services.

With this, you can share slides, announce urgent information, or examine students homework in the timeline. You can collect files uploaded by students or announce score directly inside the application. What I like the most is I can have intimate interaction with each student without getting worried about leaking information.

So, I guess you should try it too. I am sorry not covering the Google Sites since in my opinion it is much better Google Blogger than Google Sites although you might disagree with me.

Have you tried any of these? How was it? Could you tell me how was the feeling when you used it?


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